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I can't take it any longer.  You drive around this city and all you see is mesisah bumber stickers, the great Barrack Hussein Obama.  People really believe that this guy is going to save the world.  I know of many Christians that were duped by him as well.  To me, it is one thing for secular or Christian in name only types to vote Democrat, but for Born Again, Conservative, Evangelical Christians to vote for this guy?  Surely, we really are in the Last Days.  You talk about deception!  These Christians are decieved big time and now we all get to pay as a Nation. 

Of course, God is in control.  All believers should know that.  I know that but I'm also sad at heart because I have young children.  My children and your's will need to live in this terrible country/world to come.  Ask yourself why God chose Obama, when Obama is the most anti-Christian candidate of them all?  Why a socialist for America now?  Why someone who is more friendly with Israel's enemies than with Israel, God's chosen people?  It is not hard to imagine why is it.  JUDGEMENT time has come for America and for the world at large.  It is getting much closer to several major prophetic events that will bring and end to this dispensation and then Jesus will return to setup His kingdom.  But before any of this happens, the true church must exit.  The true believers in Jesus Christ must go up hither as John was called up in Revelation 4:1!  Then for those left, including all of the Obama Cult, welcome to Tribulation.  Read all about it in Revelation.

Yes, I'm praying for Obama.  I'm praying for him to FAIL at everything he does because he is an anti-Christ.  He is not a Christian.  He is evil at his core just as most Democrats are and several Republicans alike.  I pray God gives us a little more time but obviously, I don't really believe it is going to happen.  The evidence says that we are on our way down.  The America you once knew is gone.  I don't think it will be back.  I hope I am wrong!

- Bill