For CCCC friends reading this blog, remember Andrew and Stella Strain?

Well, Andrew has a blog out in San Francisco.  Check it out if you have time.


Every year, I try to get a good shroom hunt in back home where I'm fron in SE Ohio.  It is so hard to time when to go looking for mushrooms and year after year, it seems we are either late, or early one.  This year was not much different, although we did find ONE mushroom.  I told my girls that if we find one, we will find more.  Sure enough, I was wrong.  We went in two different spots and spent about 4 hours in the woods.  It rained on us pretty good during the first 2 hours.  All in all, it was fun to get out in the woods again even if we did only find one.


The girls recently attended an Olympics at Columbus Gymnastics Academy.  It was a packed house with Nana and Pap in the audience as well cheering them on.  In the end, they both received medals for their efforts, as did all the Tumble Katz that participated.   It was a fun time for all.

Thank You Lord.

Stuck it!

Waiting for the next routine.

Nice Routine!  Now wave to the crowd.