Social Conservative, Christian, Extremely Pro-Life, Defender of our right to bear arms, Lifetime NRA member, Willing to drill in ANWR, Son going to IRAQ to serve our country, Willing to take on corrupt Republicans and the usual corrupt Democrats, Smart on energy, Young and Fresh, Fiscally Conservative, Daughter diagnosed with Downs Syndrome early in pregnancy - abortion never a thought, Pro- Family and I mean TRADITIONAL family (Man + Woman = Marriage), Attractive (not that this matters but it can't hurt!), Husband was a Blue Collar guy and was a Union member, raced snowmobiles. This is a great choice by McCain. And for my "none of the above" or "not voting" friends, remember, either one of these two will replace ailing liberal judges with the likes of Alito and Roberts. Remember the 5-4 victories that we have achieved under Bush's judges. We can NOT tolerate an Obama victory. I don't care how much energy it will create for 2012. Much damage can be done between now and 2012!

- Bill


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Wow.  I knew I was an Introvert but 100%, sort of extreme.