We have been taking Ksena to the Columbus Gymnastics Academy each week for lessons.  She is in the 3 year old class and loves it, but today they had an open gym hour, so Kasi decided to partake in the fun.  It was only $4.  She had a ball and is actually very good at most things.  We tried to sign her up for the 5 year old class before but she was too shy back then for the structured class setting.  Hopefully, after today, she will decide to join a class in the future. - Dad


My wife picked this book up at the library and it is wonderful.  These two wooden puppets wonder where they came from.  They get in to a bit of an argument over this because Yellow belives they were an accident but Pink believes there is no possible way they could be an accident.  At the end of the book, a man arrives on the scene and picks both of them up, saying to himself, "they are dry now".  Pink and Yellow wonder who this man is.  ha-ha

Yes, I believe this is a very powerful book for teaching the differences to young children regarding Creation and Evolution.   It is also a very fun book to read.  The girls have requested it often since we picked it up. - Bill


Can you imagine not giving babies their basic human rights, no matter how they entered our world? My name is Gianna Jessen, born 31 years ago after a failed abortion. I’m a survivor, as are many others…but if Barack Obama had his way, I wouldn’t be here.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama voted four times against affording these babies their most basic human right. I have serious concerns about Senator Obama’s record and views on this issue, given he voted against these protections four times as a state Senator. Just as abuse victims share their stories to educate the public, fight for the common good and hope that as a result politicians do what’s right, I felt it was important to come forward and give these new born babies a voice.

I am living proof these babies have a right to live, and I invite you to learn more about Senator Obama’s record on this important issue.

-Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen