I am very excited to have just received our new science curriculum, God's Design for Science.  This should last for a while as it is intended for grades 1-8.  I can eventually use it for all three girls at the same time.  And the best thing about this package, is that it is totally biblically accurate.  It teaches Creation, and not just "creation" but a young earth created a little over 6,000 years ago and created in 6 actual 24 hour days.  It disucess the theory of evolution but shows why the theory is obviously wrong.  If you are interested in learning more, check out the link.  It has very high reviews by homeschoolers, science teachers, and the like.


My wife picked this book up at the library and it is wonderful.  These two wooden puppets wonder where they came from.  They get in to a bit of an argument over this because Yellow belives they were an accident but Pink believes there is no possible way they could be an accident.  At the end of the book, a man arrives on the scene and picks both of them up, saying to himself, "they are dry now".  Pink and Yellow wonder who this man is.  ha-ha

Yes, I believe this is a very powerful book for teaching the differences to young children regarding Creation and Evolution.   It is also a very fun book to read.  The girls have requested it often since we picked it up. - Bill


Our family, along with a couple of other families, recently traveled a few hours south to Cincinnati, OH and visited the Creation Museum. This is a donor funded museum that upholds the biblical account of creation and a young earth. Some scientific evidences for this view are clearly presented there. Also differences between evolution and an old earth theory are presented along side creation and a young earth theory. It is really well done, biblically accurate, and very professional. When you consider that this museum receives nothing from tax payers, unlike public museums, it is incredible to say the least.

This was actually our second visit since the museum opened up last year. Each time, I felt as if I was rushed through. I'm the type that really likes to take my time to read everything there and not miss anything whatsoever. However, I always go with others and I realize that most people are not like me. So I force myself to hurry along. Also our middle daughter was not feeling very well at all during this trip, so that sort of influenced me to hurry through also. One of these visits, I'm going to take my time!

But if you are a bible believing Christian or even someone that isn't but you are curious about our particular view on origins, give this place a visit.  I don't believe you will be dissapointed.  Also Kids love the dinosaurs and they have plenty there!