We usually attend Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO)'s homeschool conference every year.  But last year they moved the conference from Columbus (where I live) to Akron, so that was a bummer.   This year we were deciding whether to go to Akron or choose a different conference, a much larger one, which is held in Cincinnati.  Friends had warned us that it was not solid Christian and there would be some non-Christian views there.  But I found out that Ken Ham was speaking there so I wanted to try it just because of that alone.

Well, one week out from the conference, I find out that they disinvited Ken Ham because he was speaking against another guy who doesn't hold to a literal Genesis account.  I guess this other guy became upset and complained because he was trying to sell his new curriculum.  Then Ken Ham warns people against it at the same conference.  I don't blame Ken Ham.  He did the right thing as any born again christian should do and that is defend scripture and warn fellow believers of false teachers.

So this homeschool conference won't answer any emails or return phone calls, so we won't get a refund.  I decided that we will still go but I'm going to give them a piece of my mind as soon as I walk in the door.  We will never go to this one again, CHEO in Akron from here on out!

You can read more about this ordeal here.

I am very excited to have just received our new science curriculum, God's Design for Science.  This should last for a while as it is intended for grades 1-8.  I can eventually use it for all three girls at the same time.  And the best thing about this package, is that it is totally biblically accurate.  It teaches Creation, and not just "creation" but a young earth created a little over 6,000 years ago and created in 6 actual 24 hour days.  It disucess the theory of evolution but shows why the theory is obviously wrong.  If you are interested in learning more, check out the link.  It has very high reviews by homeschoolers, science teachers, and the like.

Ksena's 1st fish
I was able to take the girls fishing at the "ocean", my dad's small pond.  Kasi caught a sun fish and so did Ksena.  Ksena also caught another small fish, maybe a crappie I guess.  I really don't know my fish.  But the funny thing was my dad.  We thought he had a prize winner on the hook until out came the big snapping turtle. 
Kasi waiting for a bite
Kasi's fish
A surprise catch
Bring out the chop sticks!

Every year, I try to get a good shroom hunt in back home where I'm fron in SE Ohio.  It is so hard to time when to go looking for mushrooms and year after year, it seems we are either late, or early one.  This year was not much different, although we did find ONE mushroom.  I told my girls that if we find one, we will find more.  Sure enough, I was wrong.  We went in two different spots and spent about 4 hours in the woods.  It rained on us pretty good during the first 2 hours.  All in all, it was fun to get out in the woods again even if we did only find one.


The girls recently attended an Olympics at Columbus Gymnastics Academy.  It was a packed house with Nana and Pap in the audience as well cheering them on.  In the end, they both received medals for their efforts, as did all the Tumble Katz that participated.   It was a fun time for all.

Thank You Lord.

Stuck it!

Waiting for the next routine.

Nice Routine!  Now wave to the crowd.


Kasi and I are still studying birds for our science.  Recently, we learned about the different types of feathers that birds have.  After the lesson, we made a quill pen from one of our turkey feathers.  Kasi thought that was cool, to write with a feather.


Kasi joined a class also now.  What is great is that her and Ksena's classes are at the same time.  They occupy different parts of the gym and rotate through in a circular fashion.  This is good for mom because it means only one trip a week instead of two!

How about those outfits?  That is my wife's creative sewing ability at work.  Team USA all from Joanne Fabrics and a few days of hard work by my wife.  Pictured here is Ksena on the beam getting instruction from her teacher.


We have been taking Ksena to the Columbus Gymnastics Academy each week for lessons.  She is in the 3 year old class and loves it, but today they had an open gym hour, so Kasi decided to partake in the fun.  It was only $4.  She had a ball and is actually very good at most things.  We tried to sign her up for the 5 year old class before but she was too shy back then for the structured class setting.  Hopefully, after today, she will decide to join a class in the future. - Dad


We just returned from our annual homeschool conference.  This was our third time attending and now I don't even flinch as my wife buys book after book after book.  You see, I'm SOLD now, i.e. the purpose of this web site.  I know that books are good and really required if you are homeschooling like we are. 

It was a good conference as one of the pioneers of the homeschooling movement was a keynote speaker.  Although, I must admit, that I was a little dissapointed that there were no Creationist talks this time around.  I always enjoy that area of things.   Oh well, maybe next year! - Bill