We usually attend Christian Home Educators of Ohio (CHEO)'s homeschool conference every year.  But last year they moved the conference from Columbus (where I live) to Akron, so that was a bummer.   This year we were deciding whether to go to Akron or choose a different conference, a much larger one, which is held in Cincinnati.  Friends had warned us that it was not solid Christian and there would be some non-Christian views there.  But I found out that Ken Ham was speaking there so I wanted to try it just because of that alone.

Well, one week out from the conference, I find out that they disinvited Ken Ham because he was speaking against another guy who doesn't hold to a literal Genesis account.  I guess this other guy became upset and complained because he was trying to sell his new curriculum.  Then Ken Ham warns people against it at the same conference.  I don't blame Ken Ham.  He did the right thing as any born again christian should do and that is defend scripture and warn fellow believers of false teachers.

So this homeschool conference won't answer any emails or return phone calls, so we won't get a refund.  I decided that we will still go but I'm going to give them a piece of my mind as soon as I walk in the door.  We will never go to this one again, CHEO in Akron from here on out!

You can read more about this ordeal here.